LDS Vermont Disaster Response for
Hurricane Irene

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is organizing multiple disaster response projects in Vermont. Below are descriptions of each one. If you would like to participate, please register for the appropriate project.

Please check this website again before you come to have the latest information!

See pictures from a Waterbury service project on 9/3!

Montpelier Ward (Waterbury)

Project Date: Saturday, September 10, 2011

What: Further community clean-up; cleaning, removing refuse, demolition, support of any kind.

Start 8:15 a.m.

Meeting location: TBD

Workforce: 15-30

Supplies Needed: Work gloves, masks, hammer/pry bar, shovel. Bring food and water.

Please contact Sister Diane Gardner at 802-244-5258 or at

Note: there are three projects here -- scroll down to see them all!


Date: 9/5/11 (Could be a rain date due to the weather this evening and tomorrow, to be determined...)

Start: 8:15 AM @ The Thatcherbrook Elementary School in Waterbury, Vt. (members will be meeting at various locations earlier in the morning to travel together to be on time in Waterbury...)

Finish: 12:00 Noon

Scope: Reporting for misc... type service from cleaning, to digging, removing refuse, demolition, support of any kind, etc... (expecting to be broken down into several different work groups for the various assignments)

Work Force: 30 +

Item(s): Gloves, masks, wheelbarrows, shovels, picks, crow bars, etc...(some items to be provided) ; 2 registered nurses will be going as well. Bringing own food and water.

Contact: Marstin Cubit, 802-895-4206,


Date(s): 9/14/11 & 9/21/11

Start: 6:00 PM @ the Newport Chapel

Finish: 8:30 PM

Scope: Assist single woman from Coventry (with a recent broken wrist) to move out of flooded out house. Items to be cleaned and moved across the street to a non used local church building. Helping her get her life organized again.

Work Force: 10 - 20 + (This project is focused mostly around the Youth)

Item(s): Gloves, Truck, light cleaning supplies, etc...

Contact : Sue Simpson, 802-323-8116, 802-323-3142,


Date(s): Begin this week, Will be ongoing for a few weeks

Start: 9/7/11

Finish: When no longer needed...

Scope: Organize a local Food/Clothing Drive in the community working with other churches and organizations with the Newport Chapel as the drop off/collection point. Items will then be trucked down by members and dispersed as need is indicated by local FEMA, Red Cross, and other agencies on site of disaster areas.

Work Force : Assignments to be made as needed.

Item(s): Donations of Food, Clothes, Water, Medicine, etc...

Contact(s): Elizabeth Bryant, 802-895-4356, ; Sue Simpson, 802-323-8116, 802-323-3142,

Project 1: Work Party

Location: Town, yet to be determined, considering Rochester, Stockbridge, Barnet, and possibly Pittsfield.

Status: Has been scheduled for Saturday Sept 10th at 9 AM.

Details: Not yet determined.

Participation: Expecting 20 - 30 people.

This project is being organized by the South Royalton ward in the Montpelier, Vermont stake. Questions about this project should be directed to Bishop Richard Wilson (; (802) 763-2554).

Project 2: Another Work Party

Location: Sharon & Bethel Vermont.

Status: Scheduled and Announced

Details: Group A to report in Sharon at 9:00 AM Monday Morning; Group B to report in Bethel at 9:00 Am Monday Morning.

Participation: 12/15 expected in each group. Leadership to reach out to Lyndon Ward Leadership to invite their participation.

Future Tasks to include: River Bank Cleanup, Roadside Cleanup, School Grounds Cleanup

Status; Not Scheduled as of yet. Also have assigned leadership to reach out to outlying towns like Stockbridge, Rochester, and Pittsfield to see what is needed.

St. Albans Branch

They had 7 members helping in Waterbury on Saturday September 3rd. There are no service projects planned or needed in the St. Albans area; however there is a community food drive. On Wednesday, Sept. 7th, the members are meeting at 6:30pm at the Chapel parking lot on Bushey Road in Swanton. They will split up and organize into routes and head out between 6:45-7:00pm. They will be asking for canned food donations as well as cleaning supplies for the Hurricane victims.

Anyone wishing to help needs to be at the Chapel by 6:30pm. People can collect food before then and drop it off at 6:30, before they go door to door. As of Sunday meeting, they have about 15 people committed to the project (including youth).

Contact Pres. Phil Snyder with questions @ 802-782-4442.

Lamoille Valley Ward

  1. Helping a member of the ward with removing trees that were blown down.
  2. About 20 to 25 members are going to Waterbury to help out wherever we are needed. We will be there from 8am until the evening.
  3. The week of Sept. 5-Sept. 9 (Monday through Friday) we're having a food drive at the chapel 8am to 3pm.
  4. The week of Oct. 17th we're having another food drive.

Middlebury Branch

Unit leaders in Middlebury are awaiting call back from the local civic leaders about the opportunities for some service projects. Response is expected on Tuesday or Wednesday.


Date: 9/10/11

Time: check in from 8:00-9:00 AM

Place: Senior Center on Wall St.

Project: Clean-up

Contact person: Jim Baylar 793-1320